Frequently Asked Questions

Who can do the training?

The teacher training is designed for experienced dance teachers with little or no experience in acrobatics. Teachers with acrobatic experience can also do the training and utilize a consistent approach to their acro classes.

What is the cost?

The cost of the Basic/Intermediate package is $550 and includes everything you need to implement our acrobatic program into your studio. The advanced syllabus is only available to studios that have completed the basic and intermediate training and costs $275.

What is included in the price?

All packages include 12 months membership, online access to the videos and pdfs of each level, teacher training for a teacher and an assistant and ongoing mentoring including revision sessions.

Is there a minimum age for assistants?

It is recommended that the minimum age of an assistant is 16, however, please contact us if you have someone that is younger. We will be releasing a specific Assistant Teacher Training level in 2022

How do exams work?

The exam process is designed to be as stress-free for all concerned as possible. Students can commence at the level that is most suitable (provided it is level 7 or below) and then work through the levels systematically each year. Teachers are in the room with the students throughout and can assist if needed

How do I become a member?

Simply email [email protected], purchase the syllabus, attend a training session and that’s it. There are no ongoing fees and your yearly membership rolls over if you put students through exams.