The syllabus has been divided into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Groups.
In each group there are 3 or 4 levels. Each level builds on the previous level to promote flexibility, strength, control and confidence.

It has been designed to be easily implemented into any dance studio with an emphasis on increasing a dancers understanding of all genres and encourages a cross over and utilisation of the other styles a student is studying. Often it is only possible to include a 45 minute or an hour acro class in the timetable so it is important that a consistent approach is used across all classes.


Aiding and tossing students in acrobatics is a skill that needs to be learnt and developed. Purchase of the syllabus includes the teacher training workshop for a teacher and an assistant to aid the implementation of acrobatic dance.

Basic and intermediate skill levels are offered to all dance teachers and their assistants. Advanced skill levels are only offered to teachers with previous acrobatic dance teaching experience. The teacher training workshops are tailored to suit each studio. One on One training sessions can also be arranged if timing and distance is an issue along with Zoom online sessions. We have found these online sessions extremely successful and an efficient way to learn the syllabus in a timely manner. Our basic/intermediate training sessions run for 5 hours and involve working with your own students to assist in implementing the syllabus into your studio.

Teachers and assistants are required to bring 1 to 3 of their own students for hands on learning. All teachers will take their students through each skill and be mentored in the process of tossing and technique. The emphasis will be on being able to confidently toss each element of the syllabus safely for the teacher and the student.


The fees include the training of a teacher and an assistant, access to the MP4s and PDFs, and 12 months membership. It also includes ongoing mentoring for the year, where we are available to answer any questions you may have or help with any difficulties in teaching particular skills.

Extra teachers and assistants can be added to each training session.


Exams are not compulsory but encouraged. The exam process is more about the students achieving certain skills by a certain time rather than achieving a critique and mark.

We are very conscientious to make student exams as stress free and friendly for students as possible. Teachers are in the room with their students during the exam and students can be assisted if needed.

Students do not need to commence their exams at level 1 but can be examined at the level they are capable of, however, they must complete level 7 before moving onto the advanced levels. It is then recommended that students continue through the syllabus systematically.